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Madeium Announces Drop of Exclusive New Jay Adams x Pep Williams NFT Collection

Innovative Peer to Peer Design Network Madeium Drops Dogtown Skater Jay Adams’ NFT Collection in Partnership with Photographer Pep Williams

Los Angeles, CA, November 15, 2021 – Madeium, the groundbreaking new peer to peer design platform providing the world’s best creatives with innovative ways to monetize their work, control their intellectual property (IP), effectively collaborate and participate in direct profit-sharing has announced the exclusive NFT drop of world-renowned photographer Pep Williams’ 2010 series of photographs of the legendary Dog Town and Z-Boys skater Jay Adams on a trip to Hawaii’s North Shore, shortly before Jay’s death.

Dogtown skateboarder, Jay Adams and fine art photographer, Pep Williams’ relationship spanned 30 years. Yet, it wasn’t until a trip to Hawaii’s North Shore in 2010 that Pep discovered the man Jay became at the end of his life. After spending a solid week together, eating, skating, cruising in Jay’s convertible Nova, and sleeping in the same room, it wasn’t until the last day that Pep took his camera out. What followed is one of the most unique and honest portrayals of Jay Adams. Rather than Hollywood's glossy images, Pep captured Jay’s essence as a powerful, gnarly skater charging bowls and flinging concrete.

“Jay was my Dogtown brother. These photographs serve as living document of the intense bonding experience we had in Hawaii shortly before his passing. I created this series of NFTs to share the time Jay and I spent together that week and to keep his legacy alive as a founding father of skate culture.” Pep Williams, Fine Art Photographer and Third-Generation Dogtown Skater

Through Pep’s photographic genius, these images are more than a one-of-a-kind glimpse into an icon of the skateboarding world. They also are riveting, visceral works of art capturing Jay in a way no one has witnessed before.

To honor Jay’s legacy authentically, Pep included Seven Adams (Jay’s son) on the NFT Maker Team, assuring profit-sharing long term. These NFTs come with full physical and digital rights, meaning that the buyer may use the original images commercially (for-profit endeavors).

Jay Adams and Pep Williams have profoundly shaped the world of skate culture. This gives fans the opportunity to embrace the history both men created together.

To bid on the Jay Adams X Pep Williams Collaboration NFTs click

Lots Include:

7 x 1:1 original photographs of Jay Adams shot by Pep Williams in 2010, on Oahu, Hawaii’s North Shore. Each image will be sold as an individual, 1:1 token with all rights for personal and commercial use attached. Also included is a large format physical print. Starting Bid Price is $500,000 per original NFT. No Reserve, no Buy-it-Now price. 10 individually numbered prints will be sold per image with only the physical print and NFT, no expanded rights. With a starting price of $2,500 these are meant to be obtainable for real Jay Adams fans. No Reserve, no Buy-it-Now price.

A Day with Pep Williams in Dogtown - This Experience Token will allow a single buyer to spend a day with Pep in Venice, CA. skating, eating at Jay’s favorite spots, while reminiscing about the man, the myth, the legend. Bring your cameras, set up a shoot, or dig into Pep’s knowledge of photography and culture. Auction starts at $1 and runs the duration of the Jay Adams NFT Collection sales period. No Reserve, no Buy-it-Now price. BONUS: This token comes with a surprise mystery box of exclusive items not available with any other lot!

For high res images contact Eileen Mercolino –

About Pep Williams

A third-generation Dogtown skater, Pep Williams started skateboarding in 1975 at the age of four and through his youth was influenced by important Californian skaters of the time such as; close friends Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi, Aaron Murray, Natas Kaupas, Julien Stranger, Eric Dressen, and Kareem Campbell. Williams himself went on to become a pro skateboarder within the industry, appearing on a 1991 cover of Thrasher Magazine, and numerous advertisements in many magazines and commercials. His work, often described as “the freshest kind of raw,” has met with international acclaim, including magazine covers with the likes of Offset, Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) Chris Brown, Amber Rose, Nick Cannon and fine artist Guerin Swing, and his iconic series of images photographed inside Chuckwalla California State Prison and Ironwood California State Prison. Williams’ “Behind Bars'' series is widely celebrated and on permanent display at L.A.’s Autry Museum.

About Jay Adams

Jay Adams (b. February 3 1961– d. August 15, 2014) was an American skateboarder who, as a teen, was the youngest member of the Zephyr Competition Skateboarding Team (Z-Boys). His spontaneous freestyle skateboarding style, inspired by ocean surfing, helped innovate and popularize modern skateboarding. His aggressive vertical tricks make him one of skateboarding's most influential stylists.

About Madeium

Madeium is unleashing the greatest Creative Era in human history. Through open-source and collective mindsets, Madeium has created an entire ecosystem that is of, by and for creatives. We don’t predict the future, we make it. Everyday. Madeium NFTs are sold at and represent rare collaborations of all kinds, including digital works, photography, physical sculptures, sneakers, product, animations, fashion, athlete/influencers brands, eclectic experiences, rare access, and anything you can dream up. All of this is offered in Madeium’s state-of-the-art, multi-blockchain marketplace, and powered by a peer-to-peer creative network, creating PUBLIC (not "publicly traded" but communal) spaces for the future, where individuals have direct access to innovation, tools, resources, and most importantly each other. This community approach brings together all kinds of new opportunities of those creating value and based on a profit-sharing model. Visit

PR Contact:

Eileen Mercolino


(310) 663-1024

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