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4D Fun, Inc. Closes $1.5M Seed Round to Launch Volumetric Performances Into a Virtual World

Creative Technology Company Developing a Groundbreaking Platform for Virtual Performance Distribution, Set to Re-Visualize the Entertainment Industry

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – (September 8, 2021) - 4D Fun, Inc, a groundbreaking technology company that is set to revolutionize the entertainment industry through spatial computing and volumetric capture has raised $1.5M in seed funding for the development of their Culver City studio where the build of a next-generation media distribution platform is underway. The funding, which was coordinated by 4D Fun board member, Phil Laverson, has been used to build 4D Fun’s volumetric capture stage and proprietary ecosystem.

By developing immersive entertainment and 4D live performance experiences through proprietary advanced technologies, 4D Fun, Inc. brings cutting-edge innovation to artists advancing their own opportunities to make and monetize music, as well as creating new connections in the gaming and virtual production industries and meets current consumer demands with a unique product, delivered at a substantial reduction in production time and cost.

4D Fun, Inc. has developed unique technology which gives the company the ability to deploy next level, 4D volumetric performances across platforms including HTC, Oculus, Magic Leap and in the future, Apple AR Glasses and other spatial computing hardware. The technology has never been seen before and is set to revolutionize the music business. Additionally, 4D Fun, Inc. has been accepted into the HTC VIVE’s ISV program which gives the company access to HTC hardware and software code up to two years before it hits the market.

Founded in 2020, amid a pandemic that rendered the world of live performance stagnant, CEO Paul Vowell, along with co-founders CTO Brian Master and COO Jenni Ogden , aim to not only support an industry in stasis but to also launch performers into the inevitable future of content creation and delivery.

4D Fun’s state-of-the-art volumetric capture stage is now the only one of its kind open for production use in North America. The stage is equipped with 32 cameras that film in-sync to render a three-dimensional human being, with the uncanny ability to place that human body into the virtual environment of their choice with more vivid results than ever before.

“I've been following Paul and Brian since they created wildly differentiated and advanced AR for Go Kart race tracks for Magic Leap in 2019. Their abilities to foresee the future of entertainment while providing unique new possibilities in the always-on virtual environment that is the metaverse is beyond revolutionary." Laverson said.

“Phil Laverson has been instrumental in the development of the business structure of our company”, says Paul Vowell, CEO of 4D Fun, Inc. “His love and passion for technology innovation in the live performance and volumetric capture space and his ability to navigate the financial landscape and trusted subject matter expertise in tech futures has helped us create multitudes of opportunities for growth.”

4D Fun creates a next-level immersive experience that caters specifically to ownership of performance and intellectual property entities. These unique captures, which record a performance for posterity, are stored in 4D Fun’s secure data vault and can be sold as NFTs during and after an artist’s lifetime. While the company already resides at the forefront of virtual 4D performance, 4D Fun, Inc. is focused on the future of Artificial Intelligence, spatial computing, VR, AR, XR, and gaming.

“We are building the foundation of the next reality; AI Generated Volumetric Personalities” says Brian Master, CTO of 4D Fun, Inc, “Traditional media is evolving, the fourth dimension is here”.

About 4D Fun, Inc.

Los Angeles based 4D Fun, Inc. is a disruptive technology company residing at the forefront of virtual 4D performance production. Offering services in volumetric capture, artificial intelligence, NFTs, spatial computing, VR, AR and XR experiences and gaming, the company is positioned to revolutionize the entertainment industry. 4D Fun, Inc. is the culmination of years of efforts by artists for artists. With the unlimited potential for content creation and future distribution methods, 4D Fun, Inc. encourages all creators to dream beyond their imagination and seeks to enable artists by absorbing many of the costs associated with technology and content production, without sacrificing artistic integrity. 4D Fun, Inc. also provides a new way to share one's art and creates 3D/4D assets for immersive multi-player worlds where fans can participate directly with their favorite artist's performance. For more information visit

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