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Madeium Announces Drop of Exclusive Jagger Eaton NFT Collection

Innovative Peer-to-Peer Design Network Madeium Drops Iconic Designs Inspired By 2021 Tokyo Games Skateboard Medalist

Portland, OR, November 18, 2021 – Madeium, the groundbreaking new peer-to-peer design platform providing the world’s best creatives with innovative ways to monetize their work, control their intellectual property (IP), effectively collaborate and participate in direct profit-sharing has announced the exclusive NFT drop of art inspired by 20 year old skateboarding phenom and Olympic medalist Jagger Eaton.

Madeium has teamed him up with some of the world’s most influential creatives to produce an NFT collaboration series of 6 unique sets like no other. And it all begins with the Mullet:

At the Tokyo Games last summer, because all athletes were required to wear masks due to Covid-19 protocols, Jagger went on Instagram Live and told his over 600,000 followers to “look out for the mullet” to find him on TV during opening ceremonies. His fans started asking “what's up with the mullet” and Jagger responded with the quote:

“There’s nothing more American than a mullet.”

—Jagger Eaton, Bronze Medalist, Men’s Street Skateboarding, 2020 Tokyo Games

In 1978, legendary Bones Brigade member Alan Gelfand invented the revolutionary jump the “Ollie” and modern-day Street Skateboarding was born. Back then, few could have imagined it would one day become an Olympic spectacle of explosive daring and athleticism or that skaters would find themselves at the epicenter of style and fashion. No one represents this evolving refinement better than Jagger Eaton.

Never one to take himself too seriously, and famous for his mullet, Jagger breezes through life and competition with confidence and wit. Whether wearing a Tom Ford design at New York Fashion Week, posing atop the Empire State Building with bronze medal in hand, or bantering with TV news personalities about his mullet, Jagger is the epitome of style and charisma.

He began competing in the X Games at age 11 and has never looked back. In 2017, he took Gold at the Minneapolis X Games in the SKB Street Amateurs. At the 2019 X Games, he took Silver in SKB Park and 4th in SKB Street. And on the biggest stage of all, in Summer 2021, he carried home a Bronze from Tokyo.

That accomplishment established two “firsts”: the first-time skateboarding was included in the Olympic schedule and the first-ever American medal in Men’s Skateboarding.

And this past Sunday, November 14th, Eaton captured the men’s world champion title at the Street League Skateboarding 2021 Super Crown World Championship in Jacksonville, Florida. This marked the first SLS Super Crown victory for Eaton, who made his tour debut as a wildcard selection two weeks earlier in Lake Havasu and advanced to the final during Saturday's last-chance qualifier. Eaton is the first rookie since Olympic silver medalist Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil in 2015 to win the title.

The Jagger Eaton NFT Collection

Dropping first, NFT #1: the Bronze Mullet Sculpture. A life-sized sculpture 3D printed, and hydro plated in copper/bronze metal with a polished finish, created by digital substance designer Oleg Soroko; and NFT #2, a 3D Digital Animation of Bronze Mullet Riding a Skateboard, created by 3D animator Linus Dahlgren.

Visit the collection here:

For high-res images contact Eileen Mercolino –

About Oleg Soroko

Oleg Soroko started his career in architecture, founding his own firm in 2015 concentrating on commercial interior design. Currently focusing on his personal art projects, encompassing parametric art and design. Always experimenting with newest technologies and tools like Virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. Oleg is currently researching different methods of generated digital substance, a concept he calls After-Form. Current collaborations include brands, agencies, visual artists and platforms such as IBM, Adobe, Olgilvy & Mather, Joris Laarman and Madeium. Soroko’s most well known project is a parametric furniture series. His objects can be found all over the world, in New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, at the "New Arbat" - one of the main streets of Moscow, and 65 benches in Muscat international airport in Oman.

About Linus Dahlgren

Linus Dahlgren is a freelance 3D Artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Growing up with a pencil in his hand he found his way into advertising and fell in love with 3D along the way. With childish curiosity for techniques, he combines colorful and clever concepts with a somewhat twisted look on the real world. Dahlgren has worked with clients such as Ford, Visa, Puma, Netflix, Quaker and more.

About Madeium

Madeium is unleashing the greatest Creative Era in human history. Through open-source and collective mindsets, Madeium has created an entire ecosystem that is of, by and for creatives. We don’t predict the future, we make it. Everyday. Madeium NFTs are sold at and represent rare collaborations of all kinds, including digital works, photography, physical sculptures, sneakers, product, animations, fashion, athlete/influencers brands, eclectic experiences, rare access, and anything you can dream up. All of this is offered in Madeium’s state-of-the-art, multi-blockchain marketplace, and powered by a peer-to-peer creative network, creating PUBLIC (not "publicly traded" but communal) spaces for the future, where individuals have direct access to innovation, tools, resources, and most importantly each other. This community approach brings together all kinds of new opportunities of those creating value and based on a profit-sharing model. Visit

PR Contact:

Eileen Mercolino


(310) 663-1024

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